Make America Great Again Plan

The Problem

Federal government has the open checkbook of multiple generations of Americans, with no real restraint. Uncontrollable federal government spending is a major problem and most Americans have no knowledge about it.

Politicians talk a good game about fiscal responsibility, but the facts speak for themselves. We have a national debt nearing $20 trillion which comes to about $158,730 per household if paid in one lump sum. $20 trillion in debt proves that entitlements and safety nets should not be in the hands of the federal government.

US Debt Clock

The national debt keeps increasing because of deals, aka compromises, between Democrats (social programs and entitlements) and Republicans (corporate welfare and defense).

The main thing extending judgment day is the world’s faith in the US economy, its ability to pay and the worldwide demand for the US dollar. But this is not limitless.

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The Solution

There is only one way to restore accountability at the federal level, we have to pass an amendment that forbids the federal government from being in the benefit/entitlement/subsidy/insurance business. Everything else is just a bandage.

Benefits, entitlements and subsidies can be done in the states that choose to do them. States will have to prioritize. States have the checkbook of the current generation, but they also have real budgets and real restraints with real consequences. States could offer all the benefits voters can dream of, but they would have to tax their voters to pay for it. There would be no borrowing from China, Japan or monetization of debt to pay for it.

This probably will not happen until there is a big enough crisis and all the bandages have been tried. This amendment will be the solution after all other things fail.

Leave defense to the federal government and safety nets to the states. Hard lessons about socialism should be learned in the states not at the federal level.

Fixing other federal problems will be easier after this amendment. Abolishing the IRS should quickly follow. Focus will then be on defense spending, excessive regulation, government surveillance and the Federal Reserve.

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Make America Great Again Plan
Make America Great Again Plan

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